Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fonduing Fathers by Julie Hyzy is the latest outing for the Head Chef at the White House.  And it is head and shoulders above the others in the series.  Less ridiculous in its plot line and more believable and readable.  This time, rather than searching for terrorist in the meatloaf Ollie is looking for some answers about her father and his death.  Check it out. But let me add that I did find the ending rushed and unsatisfying.  After a lot of talking, threats and counters, everything gets wrapped up under the general umbrella of 'national security'  'cannot tell anyone' and a sense of "what just happened."  I feel Ms. Hyzy did an otherwise good read a disservice.  Maybe she herself didn't know how to end it in a more finished manner or maybe she opted to save herself 5 -- 10 more pages of writing.  Anyway, decent book, better than previous ones but really 'national security concerns' coming out of a food supplement corporation?  Nice scenes with the 'First Son' and Sergeant.

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